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The Health and Safety Directorate support the mandatory workstation assessment and fire safety awareness modules.

For step by step guidance on how to complete the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Assessment click here: MySafety Workstation Assessment Guidance [PDF 391KB]

Should you have any questions please contact the Health and Safety Helpdesk 

Online Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment via MySafety Here

 If workers use display screen equipment (DSE) daily, as part of their normal work, continuously for an hour or more, a workstation assessment must be carried out.

Generally you must complete a DSE assessment every three years, but you can do it sooner if you are hot-desking, moving desks/office, or your workstation set up changes considerably. If you experience any changes e.g. pregnancy, change in eyesight or suffer an injury.

In order to avoid fatigue and work-related upper limb disorders it is important to take regular breaks away from display screen work. As a general rule short, frequent breaks are better than occasional longer ones, (e.g. 5 minutes every 20-30 minutes.) Breaks should be taken before the on-set of fatigue to be effective. Follow the 20-20-20 rule, where every 20 minutes, you should look away from your computer, to a distance that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds – which helps rest your eyes. Changes of activity should reduce the workload at the screen and not result in a higher pace or intensity of work. No matter how well the workstation is designed, problems may arise where work organisation is poor or disrupted. Working at a computer often involves few changes in body position. This lack of movement can lead to muscular aches and pains, we recommend that you regularly stretch while at your workstation.

For further information read Getting the most out of your display screen equipment and chair [PDF 491KB]

Information on eye and eye sight testing can be found here 


Fire Safety Awareness (QMPlus):

Click Here to access QM Plus 

Please note that the document below is a guidance document to help you log into QM Plus for the first time

Fire Safety Awareness Training Guidance [PDF 354KB]

QM Plus Guidance and how to log on 



If you require a Fire Safety Training Awareness completion rates report please email the Health and safety Helpdesk



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