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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all face-to-face health & safety training courses have been suspended until further notice. The provision of training courses is currently under review and details will be issued shortly.

We offer a wide range of Health and Safety (H&S) training courses to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Schools, Institutes, Directorates and, on request, external organisations. 

The scheduled H&S training courses listed ensure that the H&S training needs of QMUL are met. Staff and Postgraduate Research Students must ensure that they fulfil the mandatory health and safety training requirements for their role, as noted in the Health & Safety Training Policy [PDF 950KB].

Non-attendance: Our courses are usually free for all staff and PhD students to attend. However, there is a cost to QMUL involved in this provision and every non-attendance of a booked participant impacts QMUL resources. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the annual number of non-attendees. To counteract this, it has been agreed by the Vice-Principal for Teaching and Learning and the Chief Operating Officer that a charge for non-attendance will be imposed in line with the CPD Non-Attendance Policy.  

On-line and Classroom based Training: 

  • Online Health & Safety training courses for Mandatory Fire Safety and Mandatory Display Screen Equipment Assessment are for Queen Mary staff and postgraduate students only - access and information on each module can be found here
  • Classroom based: Scheduled ‘taught’ health & safety training courses are open and free upon registration to all QMUL staff and postgraduates (note - certain nationally accredited courses provided may have a fee). The course calander is available here
  • If you are uanble to find what you are looking for please email the H&S Helpdesk.

Booking onto a course:

  • All accredited courses that are ‘staff only’ are bookable through the H&S Helpdesk. These are IOSH Working & Managing Safely, Mental Health First Aid and (Emergency) First Aid at Work. These have a limited number of places, for example 16 for Mental Health First Aid and 12 for (Emergency) First Aid at Work. To book a space, please complete the Accredited Course Request Form Accredited Course Request Form [DOC 32KB] and return to the helpdesk Priority will be given based on a number of factors such as the relevance of the training to your role and coverage in your area (for first aid courses).  
  • Non-Accredited courses will be bookable via CPD booking system, where we can accommodate much larger numbers (up to 40) of staff, pay rolled & non pay rolled PhD students and external delegates. (Examples of non-accredited courses are Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment, Decontamination & Sterilisation, Containment Level 3 – Principles and Practices.)
  • External organisations: H&S training courses are open to external organisations, unless otherwise stated. Please note that our courses are geared towards QMUL arrangements and there is normally a fee chargeable - see e-Shop for details. Please complete the Training Request Form [DOC 14KB] and email it to H&S Helpdesk


Classroom based course descriptions below outline objectives, suitability, duration and booking information. 

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