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Code of Practice & Guide for Managers Check lists_Governing Body [DOC 43KB]

Code of Practice & Guide for Managers Check lists_Leadership Executive Team [DOC 49KB]

Code of Practice & Guide for Managers Check lists_Senior Managers [DOC 51KB]

Code of Practice & Guide for Managers Check lists_Line Managers [DOC 46KB]

Code of Practice & Guide for Managers Check lists_Supevisory Staff [DOC 48KB] 

Risk Assessment Form  
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Spill Kits - Guidance on contents [PDF 718KB]     
Phenol Use Guidance [PDF 285KB]     
Robin Brook Centre_Out of Hours Events FS HS full [PDF 2,793KB]     
Management Reports Guidance [PDF 498KB]     
Procedure in the event of a contamination incident [PDF 228KB]    
e-Safe #44 June 2017 [PDF 325KB]     
Procedures for working with biological agents and materials [PDF 2,648KB]    
Tritium and Carbon-14 Wipe Test Procedure [DOC 33KB]    
Event Safety Policy and Guidance [DOC 80KB]    
MySafety Action Tracker Guidance [PDF 126KB]    
MySafety Audit & Inspection Guidance [PDF 826KB]    
MySafety Incident Reporting Guidance [PDF 574KB]    
MySafety Management Reports Guidance [PDF 405KB]    
MySafety Risk Assessment Guidance [PDF 425KB]    
MySafety Workstation Assessment Guidance [PDF 389KB]    
Induction Checklist [DOC 36KB]     
QMUL_HS_203 Radiation Labs_Inspection hardcopy folder content_Feb 2019 [DOC 38KB]    
Electromagnetic Fields_HS Guidance Procedures_March 2019 [PDF 777KB]     
ISOstock Activation Guidance [DOC 689KB]    
QMUL Health & Safety Document Approval Process_June 2019 [DOC 37KB]     
Laboratory-Hazardous-Chemical-Solvent-Waste-Disposal-Procedure--QMUL_V6_June 2019 [DOC 237KB]  Chemical Waste Spreadsheet [XLS 264KB]   
Summer time, Keeping cool at work [DOC 368KB]     
Safe Management of Laboratory Hazardous Waste Training Guidance [PDF 312KB]     
Emergency Lighting [DOC 90KB]      
QMUL Health & Safety Policy [PDF 474KB]
HEPA Filter Disposal Guidance Note & Form [DOC 77KB]    
R00050 Hazardous Waste Disposal Permits - Update - Briefing Note 17 April 2015 [DOC 18KB]     
Genetic Modification Activities Policy [PDF 1,314KB]    
Management & Arrangements of Clinical Waste Disposals [PDF 633KB]    
Working Safely with Vaccina Virus [PDF 961KB]    
First Aid Needs Assessment [PDF 678KB]     
First Aid for an acid attack [PDF 238KB]     
Personal Protective Equipment Policy [PDF 622KB]     
Pets and Domestic Animals on Campus Policy [PDF 530KB]    
Artificial Optical Radiation Policy [PDF 551KB]    




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