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Health and Safety Directorate

COVID-19 Secure Procedures

Institutional COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment 

The following procedures have been developed to allow each School, Institute and Directorate to carry out and amend their local risk assessments and standard operating procedures in order to comply with government guidance and ensure Queen Mary University of London is a COVID-19 Secure workplace. 

Please see COVID-19 Secure procedures below: 

These documents are in line with the sector GOV.UK requirements and will be updated accordingly.

*Users will be required to enter their QMUL login credentials ( and password) to view these documents*

COVID-19 Face Coverings Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Personal Hygiene and Gloves Procedure

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection of Surfaces and Spaces Procedure

COVID-19 First Aid Procedure

Indoor rooms natural ventilation assessment checklist


Please see MySafety Risk Assessment Guidance below for School / Institute / Directorate ‘COVID-19 Secure’ risk assessments: 

Queen Mary Schools, Institutes and Directorates should review their COVID-19 Secure risk assessments to ensure they reflect the latest institutional risk assessment and consider any extra mitigations that may be needed as a result of their particular areas local activities.

Staff, PGR students and where relevant others, must be emailed their departmental COVID-19 Secure risk assessment for user sign off retention, the assessor must add all email addresses to the distribution list of the MySafety risk assessment record. Please note those added to distribution lists will receive an email generated automatically by MySafety (, which may be delivered to their junk/spam folder. Please ensure you regularly check this folder. 

Refer to the Risk Assessment Page for when stand-alone specialist risk assessment templates should be used, for example Placement Risk Assessments. Please see the Biological Safety Topic Page for the Biosafety policy, risk assessment templates, procedures and guidance for deliberate biological agents work and COVID-19 Secure measures.

MySafety COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment Guidance

MySafety COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment Guidance - User Sign Off

MySafety COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment Guidance - How to copy Risk Assessment 1167

MySafety Guidance - How to approve, refer or reject a Risk Assessment  

Please ensure that all Trade Union Health and Safety Representatives are consulted and included on the distribution list for local COVID-19 Secure risk assessments.

QMUL Coronavirus Advice and Updates

Please see COVID-19 Secure Guidance below: 

The following guidance documents has also been developed to assist Schools / Institutes / Directorates.

COVID-19 Decontamination Guidance

COVID-19 Taking Care of Your Hands Guidance

COVID-19 Managing thermal comfort whilst ensuring adequate ventilation











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