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Health and Safety Team

Health & Safety Directorate. Queen Mary University of London. 404 Bancroft Road. Mile End. London. E1 4DH

Name: Role: Ext: Mobile
Rebecca Jones Acting Head of H&S. H&S Manager - Professional Services and Training Lead 6405 07919 535 509
Junior Joseph H&S Adviser - Professional Services and Training Support 8969 07768 557 291
Siobhan Kavanagh  Administrator / PA to Acting Head of H&S 3368  N/A
Mark Ariyanayagam H&S Manager – SMD, Biological Safety Adviser and Ionising Radiation Protection Officer (QMUL) 8378 (Fri 2079) N/A
Suzanne Mason H&S Adviser - SMD and Clinical Waste Lead (QMUL) 6948 (Tues 2079) N/A
Darren Mulkerrins-Ford Administrator 5701 N/A
Steven Carter H&S Manager - Sc and Eng, Chemical Safety Adviser and Non-Ionising Radiation Protection Officer (QMUL) 3369 07500 101 489
Irida Gaikwad H&S Adviser - Sc and Eng and Chemical Waste Lead (QMUL)  8518 N/A
Ross Baker H&S Manager - HSS and Audit Lead 6935 N/A
Megan Vagg  H&S Adviser - HSS 8968 N/A
Keith Vagg Fire Safety Manager 8384 N/A
Richard Wheatley Fire Safety Adviser 7197 N/A


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