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Working Overseas

Working Overseas

This page provides information regarding working abroad, including precautions that should be taken before and during your work overseas. Please note that where working abroad is for the purpose of fieldwork you should visit the Fieldwork and off-site topic page.

COVID-19 Travel Information

When planning any travel, individuals should refer to the Institutional COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment which is available on the COVID-19 Secure Procedures page.

Travelling within the UK

Anyone travelling to Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales should ensure they are aware of any additional requirements prior to travelling. There are currently no restrictions for travelling within the UK, however, it should be noted that there may be local rules in place for the devolved administrations e.g. use of face coverings and social distancing. Please also bear in mind that local restrictions may be implemented at short notice which may impact upon your activities.

International Travel

All planned international travel must be risk assessed and approved by responsible person within the relevant School / Institute / Directorate in accordance to QMUL procedures, current international travel restrictions and Higher Education Government guidance HE operational guidance (

The government has published COVID-19 guidance for travelling abroad from England which all travellers should refer to before making their trip. The guidance also includes details of countries listed as red, amber or green and the actions required. It is imperative to note, however, that the travel list (and broader international travel policy) is subject to change and green list countries may be moved into amber or red. Should the travel lists change during a visit, all travellers must comply with international travel legislation and have contingency plans in place to account for these changes.

In addition to the above, all travellers should check and follow the information on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) for the countries being visited. This will provide the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings which will help in the development of risk assessments and safe operating procedures.

Prior to making their trip, travellers should ensure they complete a risk assessment which gives consideration to how the risk of COVID-19 transmission will be minimised during their trip. The risk assessment should also include details of any contingency plans to respond to the situations previously mentioned and this information should be shared with anyone involved in the trip. It may be of benefit to check the information on the Fieldwork and off-site topic page, as whilst the purpose of travel may not strictly fall under these headings, many of the principles will be relevant and applicable.

Travel Insurance

In all cases, travellers must ensure they have the relevant travel insurance cover in place prior to travelling. For information and queries relating to QMUL insurance policies, please check the QMUL insurance website.

General Travel Information

Should your role within the University require you to travel abroad there are a number of precautions you may need to take both before you travel and during your stay. These might include securing visas, arranging suitable accommodation, being vaccinated against certain diseases; or taking a prophylactic course of antibiotics.

Some of these preparations may be much like those you make prior to going on holiday, however there are some less obvious things you may need to consider. For example you may be travelling at a time where your destination is prone to natural disasters such as tropical storms, hurricanes or flooding. Similarly your destination may be subject to civil unrest or an epidemic. The British Government provides advice regarding travel to all countries which is available on the FCDO website

Additionally your destination may not be covered by the University’s insurance policies and alternative cover may need to be arranged. Further information on QMUL’s travel insurance arrangements.

Policy & Risk Assessment

The University has produced QMUL Health and Safety Guidance for Employees Working Abroad 

For low risk trips abroad, a Low Risk Fieldwork Assessment Doc [XLS 21KB] has been developed as a prompt to help you assess risks and implement suitable controls. Please note, only sections that are relevant to the risk associated with your trip need to be completed.

For Advice and Assistance at QMUL, contact the H&S Manager / Advisor for your Faculty / PS or the subject lead at

All H&S staff can be contacted via the help desk at

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