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This page provides information regarding working abroad, including precautions that should be taken before and during your work overseas. Please note that where working abroad is for the purpose of fieldwork you should visit the Fieldwork page

Should your role within the University require you to travel abroad there are a number of precautions you may need to take both before you travel and during your stay. These might include securing visas, arranging suitable accommodation, being vaccinated against certain diseases; or taking a prophylactic course of antibiotics.

Some of these preparations may be much like those you make prior to going on holiday, however there are some less obvious things you may need to consider. For example you may be travelling at time where your destination is prone to natural disasters such as tropical storms, hurricanes or flooding. Similarly your destination may be subject to civil unrest or an epidemic. The British Government provides advice regarding travel to all countries which is available here

Additionally your destination may not be covered by the University’s insurance policies and alternative cover may need to be arranged. For insurance queries please visit the Financial Management Team Web page

The University has produced a policy and guidance document below on working abroad for the benefit of its staff and students. Further reading is available via The Institute of Occupational Health and Safety who have recently produced helpful guidance on working abroad, which can be found here.

Key QMUL Health and Safety Contacts for Fieldwork

Ross Baker HS Manager HSS and Audit Lead; ext 6935
Megan Vagg HS Adviser HSS;  ext 8968

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