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Smoking Policy (QMUL)

As an Institution, QMUL recognises the harmful impact of cigarette and tobacco product smoking on individuals, families, health services and society. Much of our research, teaching and public engagement work seeks to eradicate smoking and help those suffering from the effects of smoking.

Following consultations with staff and students in 2014 and 2015, over 400 people shared their views and many explained why they want QMUL to provide secure places on Mile End campus for smokers.

We have listened to this feedback and have developed a new Smoking Policy that aims to protect people from the harmful effects of passive smoking, provide support for smokers to quit, and provide designated areas on the Mile End campus for people to smoke.

Our other campuses remain smoke-free.

In addition, the use of electronic cigarettes are permitted in outside spaces only on QMUL campuses (excluding West Smithfield and Lincolns Inn Fields).


QMUL Smoking Areas Mile End Map click here

Guidance and Resources for Implementation


Induction and refresher information for staff, students and visitors


'Quit Smoking' Help and Support information for QMUL staff and students

QMUL Occupational Health Service, Ground Floor, Geography Building, Mile End Campus – Tel 0207 882 8700, Email   

The Smokers Cessation Clinic, Health and Lifestyle Research Unit, Centre for Environmental and Preventive Medicine, Wolfson Institute, Queen Mary University of London – 2 Stayner’s Road, London, E1 4AH (located behind Stepney Green Underground Station).

Tel: 0207 882 8230, Email

Student Health Service, Ground Floor, Geography Building, Mile End Campus – Tel 0207 882 8710.

To report problems with smoking on QMUL campuses

To report a persistent problem, contact QMUL Security

In case of emergency, please dial 020 7882 3333 (QMUL extension 3333).

Security Control Rooms:

Mile End - Ground Floor, France House
Tel: 020 7882 5000

Whitechapel - Garrod Building, Room G.07
Tel: 020 7882 2599

Charterhouse Square - Dawson Hall, Front Entrance
Tel: 020 7882 6020

The new policy supersedes the ‘College Policy on a Smoke-Free Environment’ document issued on 28 June 2007 by the QMUL Council.

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