Health and Safety Directorate

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Safety Coordinators

Safety coordinators play a vital role in ensuring a high standard of safety within their respective areas. Their role is varied and includes coordinating induction training, carrying out accident investigations and participating in inspections. Details regarding their duties in full can be found below



Science and Engineering
Engineering and Material Sciences (SEMS)

Armando Lacerda

Russell Bailey

Electronic Engineering and Computing Sciences

Edward Hoskins

Mathematical Sciences

Andrea Young

Physics and Astronomy

John Dennis

Srividhya Kulandaivelu

Biological and Chemical Sciences

Sam Court

Anthony Hooper

Ian Sanders

Humanities and Social Sciences
Languages and Linguistics

Kim Chang

Language Centre

Alan Hart

English and Drama

Jules Deering


Charlotte Davies

Politics and International Relations

Brooke Munday

Business Management

Nastasha Kamalu
Sheraz Hussain

Law (ME)

Commercial Law (LIF)

Kevin Warne

Gbemisola Adedoyin-Adeniyi

Marcin Slomka

Economics and Finance

Derek Judge


Michelle Day

Medicine and Dentistry
IHSE and SMD Education

Steve Moore 

Ellanor Millican 

Wolfson Preventative Medicine Institute

Sue Shaw-Hawkins

Blizard Institute

Michael Schofield

O'Neal Copeland 

Kathryn Kemp  

Barts Cancer Institute (BCI)

Gavin Craig

Vipul Bhakta 

Dentistry (IOD)


Lorna Ireland

William Harvey (WHRI)

Steven Coppen

Ian Joy

VP (Health) Office

Tracey Williams

Biological Services Unit (BSU)

Geraldine Hansen

Professional Services
Marketing and Communications



Pauline Ellis-Sackey


Kathleen Di Giorgio


Odetta Graves


Julie Herd

Business Development

Lessia Djakowska

Students Union

Tanya Choudhury 

Estates and Facilities

Paul Lambert (Main Contact) 

Catherine Burden (Residences) 

Stacey Clark (Nursery) 

Student Services

Hassan Mahmud 

Jake Nathan 

Shelley Reeder 

Christine Murray 

Fahmee Habib 

Health and Safety Directorate

Suzanne Mason

Chief Operating Office

Kam Virdee 

Alumni and Relations

Kalinka Tangalova 


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