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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE _ RPE)











 Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects you against health and safety risks at work. Personal protective equipment includes:

  • Gloves [DOC 263KB] [DOC 263 KB]
  • eye protection (e.g. face shields and goggles)
  • high visibility clothing
  • safety footwear
  • lab coats
  • safety helmets
  • respiratory protective equipment (e.g. disposable face masks)


Risk assessment
A risk assessment should identify the need for PPE which should only be used as a last resort.

 Your School, Institute or Directorate will pay for any PPE for staff that is identified by your risk assessment.
Selection and maintenance
You should ensure PPE is:

  • Properly assessed before use to make sure it is fit for purpose.
  • Maintained and stored properly
  • Provided with instruction on how to use it safely
  • Used correctly by staff and students


The Health and Safety Executive provide advice on PPE at work.
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