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Management of Health and Safety


Management of Health and Safety

QMUL considers health and safety as an essential part of its management process. We intend to continually improve our health and safety management systems and expect all of our staff, students, visitors and contractors to actively participate in this process. Following our policies, procedures and guidance, the policies and procedures Health and Safety Code of Practice and Guide for Managers [PDF 1,143KB] will enable you to meet and where necessary, to exceed the requirements of regulation.

Code of Practice & Guide for Managers Check lists:

QMUL provides and maintains a safe and healthy environment in which you can work, study, visit and enjoy yourself. You must take every reasonable care of your own and others’ health and safety by adopting safe working practices and by making proper use of the facilities and equipment provided. You must comply with QMUL health and safety, fire safety policies, procedures and departmental rules, and co-operate with QMUL staff holding safety responsibilities.


QMUL Health and Safety Policy and Framework Arrangements

QMUL has set out its aims for health and safety (including fir safety) and the management structure for achieving these in QMUL Health and Safety Policy Statement and Framework Arrangements

The role of Health and Safety Directorate

The Health and Safety Directorate is responsible for:

  • Developing QMUL policies, procedures, guidance, supporting systems and tools.
  • Reviewing health and safety performance across QMUL.
  • Providing competent health, safety and fire safety advice at all levels of QMUL.
  • Advising QMUL management in good health and safety, and fire safety practices.
  • Investigating accidents and incidents.
  • Providing a comprehensive and appropriate portfolio of health, safety and fire safety training.
  • Liaise with enforcement agencies where necessary.
  • Inspect hazardous areas and carry out risk-based management audits of health and safety.
  • Where appropriate, carry out assessments of risk to areas such as fire safety and first aid.


School/Institute/Directorate (S/I/D) Level Health and Safety Arrangements

The Head of S/I/D is ultimately responsible for safety within their areas. The Head is assisted by staff with specific health and safety duties, such as safety coordinators, radiation protection officers, first aiders, fire Marshals.

All new staff and students should receive the QMUL health and safety policy statement and framework arrangements and local induction.

[PDF 273 KB]

The Health and Safety Management Role of the Academic/Research Supervisors

The health and safety management of research projects is normally delegated to Academic/Research Supervisors. They are the key to making sure projects run well, comply with current legislation and do not cause illness or injury. Supervisors are likely to know more about the projects they manage than anyone else, and should understand the risks involved. They are usually seen as the people QMUL can turn to for complete information (including health and safety information) about a project. Lab Safety
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