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Hazardous Waste

Waste: Any substance or object which the holder discards, or intends to discard, or is required to discard.

Hazardous Waste: Waste is considered 'hazardous' under environmental legislation when it contains substances or has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment. This does not necessarily mean it is an immediate risk to human health, although some waste can be.

All waste producers at QMUL have a legal responsibility to ensure that waste is classified, segregated, stored, transported and disposed of without harming people or the environment. This is your legal “duty of care’’.

Duty of Care: The duty of care applies to anyone who imports, produces, carries, keeps, treats, disposes of, or has control of, hazardous waste.

The following hazardous laboratory wastes at QMUL must be disposed of in accordance with specified QMUL procedures (see documents below):

  • Chemical waste – includes laboratory hazardous chemicals, solvents - stocks and dilutions, pump and mineral oils
  • Clinical waste - includes pathogen, GMO, hazardous tissue / cells, trace chemical contaminated disposable solid wastes (e.g. laboratory contaminated paper and tissues, plastic consumables)
  • Radioactive waste – specific UK regulatory permits govern the disposal of radioactive wastes - see this web page for further details.

For Laboratory Wastes of unknown or mixed Hazard/s – contact your Faculty H&S Manager / Adviser for further advice.
Disposals of any laboratory liquid hazardous wastes down QMUL drains must comply with Thames Water Effluent Permits issued to QMUL – see the document ‘QMUL Disposals of Laboratory Liquid Hazardous Wastes down drains’ (in draft.

QMUL Laboratory Hazardous Waste Documents:

HSD Training course: 
Safe Management of Laboratory Hazardous Waste (HS024). For details and bookings see

Key UK Hazardous Waste Legislation:
The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011  (as amended)
Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010  (as amended)

Key Health & Safety Contacts

Laboratory Chemical / Solvent waste disposal: Irida Gaikwad 
H&S Adviser (Sci & Eng) & Chemical Waste Lead (QMUL)
Clinical waste disposal: Suzanne Mason 
H&S Adviser (SMD) & Clinical Waste Lead (QMUL) 
Radioactive waste disposal: Dr Mark Ariyanayagam 
H&S Manager (SMD) Biological Safety Adviser and Ionising Radiation Protection Officer (QMUL)

Other Contacts: Paul Monk Waste Manager Estates and Facilities Directorate. For all other waste including recycling, florescent tubes and hazardous chemical/solvent waste not generated by laboratories or visit




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