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Fire Safety


Fire Safety

Fire Risk Assessment

A legal requirement that is carried out periodically to identify the likelihood of fire and those at risk and recommends control measures that may need to be implemented to reduce that risk to a tolerable level.

These are carried out 3 yearly in accordance with the Fire Safety Standard and Management Procedures. Local fire risk assessments can be carried out to address particular issues.

We prepare fire strategies for the College buildings to deal with specific problems such as evacuation or fire spread and to demonstrate compliance with fire regulations.

Fire Risk Assessment Fire Tool

To assist you and to provide an audit tool to the HSD, the relevant sections of the fire risk assessment for your building has been added to an online programme. Click here for access

This website should be used to document actions you have taken to reduce the risk to a tolerable level.

In order to access this web page you will need authorisation from your Head of School/Institute/Department and to supply us with your University Username e.g xyz123 and your University email address. Once you have supplied us with this information we will grant you access to the system. If you exercise control over sections/areas within other buildings you will be able to view the pertinent Fire Risk Assessments also, so that you can document your corrective actions for these other buildings.

Fire Safety Standards and Guidance

We prepare fire safety standards and guidance documents that should be implemented. We also provide guidance documents to advise staff and students on fire safety matters.

Guidance on Building Projects Compliance with Fire Regulations

We provide advice on Building Regulations Approval with regards to fire safety on new projects and refurbishments to ensure compliance with recognised fire standards and legislation.



Fire Stopping [DOC 58KB] [.docx 58 KB]

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP) for Persons with Disabilities

We formulate evacuation plans for persons with disabilities to assist them in evacuating the College buildings in emergency situations.


Evacuation Drills

We conduct and supervise evacuation drills from both Academic and Residential buildings.


Training Courses

Click below to access Fire Safety training information

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