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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety

DSE typically includes your desk, computer/laptop/other similar devices and its accessories (chairs).

It is Queen Mary policy that all staff using DSE should complete the online workstation assessment module, which can be found here. Postgraduate research students not on QMUL payroll, Visitors and Contractors can utilise Appendix 1 of the DSE Policy to complete an assessment.

The online Display Screen Equipment (DSE) tutorial for all Staff and is designed to give DSE users the necessary information to carry out an ergonomic self-assessment of their workstation. Completion of this module is a requirement to obtain an Eye Care (Specsavers) voucher.

Help with your DSE and setting up or adjusting your workstation 

For help with setting up or adjusting your DSE and workstation further information read Getting the most out of your display screen equipment and chair [PDF 491KB]

For further tips see this power point presetation Setting up your workstation [PPT 2,376KB]

Difficulty Accessing the Workstation Assessment Module

If you are having difficulty in accessing the workstation assessment module, please follow the MySafety Workstation Assessment Guidance [PDF 391KB]

Recommended / Additional Equipment 

Display Screen Equipment must meet regulatory requirments and be both approriate to the office and the person using the equipment.  Before equipment is purchased / used please check out our guidance on Obtaining Correct Office Equipment [PDF 830KB]. Once your assessor has contacted you and made any relevant recommendations, liaise with your Line Manager or Local Safety Coordinator (details can be requested from if you are unsure) about obtaining the additional DSE.  

How to Assemble Display Screen Equipment

Should the additional DSE obtained require assembling e.g. unassembled chair, please consider the following options:

  • Upon purchase, ask the supplier if they offer an assembly service at the point of delivery
  • Contact the Estates Helpdesk (Maintenance) to request assistance in assembling equipment  

Eye care vouchers

All QMUL Staff and PHD students on payroll are entitled under the policy to;

  • DSE eye care voucher which gives them a free eye and eye sight test and money off single vision (middle distance / computer use) lenses. (Bifocal/Varifocals are not covered under the policy).

To apply for a voucher you need to complete the on-line DSE assessment then email your payroll number (6 digits) to the Health and Safety Directorate Helpdesk. The vouchers will be emailed directly to you from Specsavers.  

  • Prescription safety glasses voucher which entitles those that work in a laboratory (QMUL Staff and PHD students on payroll) to prescription safety glasses of any lens type (single/Bifocal/Varifocal).

To apply for a voucher email your payroll number (6 digits) to the Health and Safety Directorate Helpdesk stating whether your glasses are single vision or Bifocal or Varifocal. The vouchers will be emailed directly to you from Specsavers.  

QMUL Staff who need to drive as part of their role

  • can claim Drivers vouchers which entitles them to prescription glasses for driving. 

To apply for a voucher email your payroll number (6 digits) to the Health and Safety Directorate Helpdesk noting the part of your job description that covers driving. The vouchers will be emailed directly to you from Specsavers.  

PhD students who are not on payroll and wear prescription glasses

  • who work for short periods in laboratories will need to speak to their supervisor about obtaining the correct PPE (safety glasses) to wear over their prescription glasses.
  • who work for long periods in laboratories may be able to obtain a prescription safety glasses voucher for prescription safety glasses.  Please email your full name, School and course names, QMUL ID Card number (under the barcode on the ID card) to the helpdesk. You must also include information on how many hours per day and how many days per week you will be in the laboratory and what it is you will be doing.

QMUL Documents

Other Information Sources

Health and Safety Executive resources are available on

Primary legislation

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992

Key Health & Safety Contacts

Professional Services: Junior

Humanities & Social Science: Megan

Science & Engineering: Irida Gaikwad -

School of Medicine & Dentistry: Suzanne 

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