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Children and Young Persons

QMUL has a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of children (someone who has not yet attained school leaving age) and young persons (a person who has not attained the age of 18 years) who come onto our premises.
There are a number of factors to consider when children and young people come onto QMUL premises which include factors such as inexperience, maturity, development and lack of awareness of existing/potential risks. As well as physiological factors, there are other factors which could include suitability of personal protective equipment and physical capabilities.
The following situations / events where children or young persons are brought onto campus would need assessment and appropriate health and safety measures to be put in place. Typically, the person responsible for this would be the QMUL host or person who invites the young person / child onto campus.
Please refer to the QMUL Policy for roles and responsibilities when Children and Young persons are brought onto QMUL campuses.

Further guidance is provided below for specific situations:


Staff bringing children on campus

Staff who wish to bring their children into their department in non-public areas they must first get the approval of the line manager (and where needed the Head of School / Institute / Directorate) and must directly supervise the child at all times. All local procedures must be adhered to.
In other public areas at QMUL, staff need to supervise their children at all times. All local procedures must be adhered to.

Further Guidance, is provided, along with a specific Children Young Persons on QMUL Premises_risk assessment template [DOC 31KB]

If children or young persons are to be alone with adults in a one to one situation, then the QMUL Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Adults in Need of Safe Guarding should be followed..

Work Experience

When work or work experience is offered to people under the age of 18 the same level of duty for their health, safety and welfare is required as for all other employees but with the need to consider the limitations of the young person / child at work. There are specific restrictions for health and safety under UK Employment and Health & Safety Law in terms of age and types of work that can be offered.
Refer to the  and as appropriate, utilise this specific Employment of Young Persons - Risk Assessment Form [DOC 31KB] .
Any risks that may be specific to or increased for young people must considered in the risk assessment and notified to the individual (and their parent / guardian or School, as appropriate) prior to them commencing work / work experience.
Refer to your Faculty / for further advice on employment law issues affecting Young Persons / Children.
If children or young persons are working alone with adults in a 1 to 1 situation, then the should be followed.

Planned events

Where planned events involve young people or children then these are subject to risk assessment by the event organiser. There is a requirement on event organisers to demonstrate that all necessary arrangements have been made. Roles and responsibilities expected at QMUL Detailed provision for the health and safety of Young Persons and Children at planned events can be found in the document Employment of Children and Young Persons on QMUL Premises [DOC 88KB] along with further  along with a specific .

Young Persons Enrolled on Queen Mary Courses

Young Persons (under the age of 18) may be enrolled on courses at QMUL. As these are still not adults, they may need greater levels of supervision than that provided for adult students, and specific restrictions in terms of health and safety may apply in terms of types of study topics.
Refer to the QMUL H&S Policy and Procedures document  and as appropriate, utilise this specific risk assessment template .
The requirements under the QMUL Admissions Policy for students under the age of 18 years and the must be followed.

If an accident does occur when a child or young person is on campus then accidents should be reported to Health and Safety Directorate by telephone, followed by completion of the Accident / Incident Form.
Due to the open nature of QMUL campuses, it is possible that children who are not invited will enter the premises. Where children are seen without an accompanying adult, then QMUL Security should be informed immediately. QMUL Security can be contacted by dialling 0207 882 3333 (QMUL emergency number)

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