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*Note: MySafety update taking place on 24th May 2019. System will be down between 15:00-17:00. See document below for further information on expected changes.

MySafety Software Update [DOC 135KB]

The MySafety Health and Safety Management System is now live and is accessible from the ‘MySafety Portal’ hyperlink above, from the HSD website and on ‘Connected’ front page.

The system contains four key modules (1-4 below) along with management tools (5 - action tracker, MyRisk Assessments, management reports, incident management). 

For assistance on the MySafety system, please contact your Faculty / PS Manager or Adviser.

  1. Report an incident – this module is accessible by anyone (staff, student or visitor) to report a health and safety accident or incident. NO LOGIN IS REQUIRED.
  2. MyWorkstation Assessment - Display Screen Equipment training and self-assessments – for QMUL staff only. Detailed login help and guidance on the assessment and follow up resources is here.  

    If you have forgotten your passcode for the module, click open the MyWorkstation button and then on the ‘I don’t yet have a passcode’ to request a new one.  

    The modules and management tools (3-5) below need a specific login at the MySafety portal.

    HSD, Safety Coordinators and selected Managers / Supervisors / staff have access at present.

    If you need access to any of the modules or management tools below, please email for a specific login. Use the excel form below for groups of names. MySafety Module Login Request Form [XLS 9KB]  During 2018, access to the MySafety system using the QMUL IT login is to be enabled.

  3. Audit and inspection module – a set of H&S inspection templates for laboratories, offices, workshops and specialist topics are live and available for QMUL use. This module also contains the H&S audit template.  

    Word formats of the inspection templates are also available at on the HSD website forms for offline use.

  4. Risk assessment

    A general H&S risk assessment template is live and available for use by QMUL.  For a step by step guidance on how to do this click here: MySafety Risk Assessment Guidance [PDF 593KB], user risk assessment and sign off steps guidance is here MySafety Risk Assessment Guidance_User sign off [DOC 263KB]

    Further guidance and help is being added to this template to make it more user friendly. 

    Training – MySafety Risk Assessment workshops – see schedule of workshops in 2018 and book on CPD Booking System.

    During 2018 - 

    (i) Best practice’ risk assessments are being created and added to this module.(ii)Specialist risk assessment templates for Bio-COSHH, Hazardous Substances (COSHH), GMOs, new and expectant mothers, fieldwork, etc. are being created.  

    A program of assistance to Schools/Institutes/Directorates to migrate existing risk assessments to the MySafety system is being initiated by HSD during 2018.

  5. Management tools 

    (i) My Actions / Action Tracker – you can access any action assigned to you and log progress, details and closure.  Guidance can be accessed here MySafety Action Tracker Guidance [PDF 377KB]

    (ii) MyRisk Assessments – management tool to access, approve, store and use your / your dept / topic and best practice risk assessments. MySafety Risk Assessment Guidance slides can be accessed here 

    (iii) Incident Management – management tool for incident investigation and actions (permitted users only).

          (iv) Management reports – ‘global’ and ‘area’ reporting tool – useful tool for managers and safety coordinators to produce area reports (permitted users only). 

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